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We realize there are many questions you may have so look over our FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon and if there is any more questions you may call us at 773-777-0055

1. FAQs For Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. May I schedule an appointment over the telephone?

A. Yes. When you call any of Our four main numbers during Our regular operating hours, your

call will be answered by one of Our professional Lifestyle Players. Be respectful and

recognize that We may not be able to have a lengthy discussion over the telephone; this is

best done in person before your session.

2.FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. May I schedule an appointment through e-mail?

A. You may contact an individual directly, or request an appointment by writing to:


*You must call to schedule an appointment.

Q. Why do I have to call from an unblocked telephone number?

A. Mutual respect. We openly list the same telephone numbers We have maintained for the

past 25 years. Your number will not be sold or disclosed to anyone. We only keep your

telephone number with your explicit consent.

3.FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. Can I make a same-day appointment?

A. Absolutely. We understand that the urge to play may come about at any time during the

day! However, there may be times that We are completely booked, so call about availability


4.FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. Some dungeons or independents require at least 24 hours notice. Why doesn’t Chicago


A. We don’t rent Our space nor do We rent out Our rooms, so Our professional dungeon and

equipment are always available for Our guests and We don’t have to worry about travel time.

As a House of Domination, each individual Lifestyle Players has set hours that he or she

dedicates specifically for session time. As with many other professionals, it would not be

time-effective for an individual to base his or her schedules around you. We accept

appointments seven days a week so that you can easily find time to explore your desires

when your schedule permits.

*Note that Our Lifestyle Players’ session hours may change, especially during Our special


5. FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. Where are you located?

A. In the West Loop area, just five minutes away from downtown Chicago and twenty minutes

away from either O’Hare airport or Midway airport; the same location for over a decade.

6. FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. I am embarrassed about my fantasy…have you ever encountered someone who has a

fetish for…?

A. Almost always, yes! Unfortunately, far too many people feel shameful of their fetishes.

There is no need to be shy or to be embarrassed. Since this is a House full of Lifestyle

Players, more than likely there will be at least one or two individuals who have experience

with your scene. Just be honest.

7. FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. Do I have to choose a specific Mistress or submissive to set an appointment?

A. No. Personalities and needs are very different from person to person. Once we speak with

you, we will know who will best suit your specific needs if you are unsure.

8. FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. Can I schedule an appointment with two Mistresses? Two submissives? A Master and a


A. Yes – to any and all combinations as long as the Lifestyle Players in mention have availability.

You may also request, for example, to see one Mistress for two hours, then a different

Mistress and a submissive for your next two hours. This is about making your fantasies a


9. FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. I once had a session with two Mistresses, and it was confusing. Will it be different here?

A. Definitely. It sounds as if the Mistresses you saw in the past either did not know each

other, or did not have good chemistry. Everyone Here has an intimate understanding of each

other’s personalities, styles, and desires. As professionals, We understand that Our focus is

on creating the perfect scene for you. We also believe that variety is the spice of life, and We

encourage you to explore and play with every One of Our Lifestyle Players to develop a

deeper understanding of yourself and your fantasy.

10. FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me for my session?

A. Most likely, no. Chicago Illusions is extremely well-equipped. However, if your fantasy

requires a very specific piece of clothing, equipment, or prop, you may bring this with you if

the Mistress, Master, or submissive allows. If you are interested in any type of messy play,

make your particular arrangements prior to your appointment with the Lifestyle Player you will

be seeing.

11. FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. Why does the Mistress ask me about my medical conditions and prescriptions?

A. Privacy and safety are Our two main concerns. We need to be aware of your physical

health in order to provide the best and safest session possible. Our Lifestyle Players know

that certain medications or medical conditions can affect you during scene, and you may not

be aware of this during your play. If you have asthma, you will be asked to place your inhaler

in clear view for easy access. This also applies for anyone who is taking any other fast-acting

medication. Let Us know if you have medical implants or wear contact lenses. Your personal

medical information will kept absolutely private between you and Us, and is asked to maintain

your best interests.

12. FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. Can I bring my significant other?

A. Absolutely. We believe this type of play builds a stronger, deeper relationship. Please see

Our Couples page for more information, and inform Us when setting your appointment.

13. FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. Will I ever been seen by any other guests of the House?

A. No. We never have more than one guest at a time in any common areas or theme rooms.

The only exception would be with prior discussions with your Mistress, Master, or submissive,

or if you arrive with your significant other or colleague (some savvy businessmen treat their

clients to sessions, but session separately).

14. FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. What are safe-words, code-words, or safe-signals?

A. Safe-words and code-words are terms sometimes used interchangeably in adult play.

They are for you to use to make clear to the Dominant or submissive that the scene or

particular activity is or is about to cause distress. We are aware of Our guests’ well-beings,

but there may be occasions in which the Dominant or submissive will need you to speak up.

Some examples of when to use your safe-words: if your fingers begin to tingle while in

bondage, if you feel lightheaded, if the role-play has become too real and has uncovered

emotions too difficult to handle at that moment, etc.

Safe-signals have the same use and meaning as mentioned above. Signals are used in place

of words when you will be unable to use your voice.

Safe-words and signals are not to be used frivolously, and can be used by either the

Dominant or the submissive for everyone’s well-being. Everyone of us always takes safe-
words seriously.

15. FAQs Chicago Illusions Dungeon

Q. Why don’t any of the Lifestyle Players do outcalls?

A. Many reasons: Mainly because We value Our privacy and safety as much as We do yours.

You and the Dominant, switch, or submissive would lose playtime during set-up and clean-up

of the scene – We are busy and this would be a waste of time for any one of Us. Nobody else

in the entire Midwest has a facility as well-furnished, well-equipped, clean, and discreet as

Ours – We highly doubt your loft or play-space holds a candle to Our 25-year-old dungeon.

FAQs For Chicago Illusions Dungeon

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