Scheduling for BDSM & Fetish Play in Chicago

Note: Escort or massage services are not offered by our professional BDSM and Fetish Dominants or submissives;
this is a house of Domination, submissions, fetishes, feminization, and dramatic fantasy role-

Chicago Illusions guarantees absolute discretion, safety, and personalized fantasy fulfillment for every one of our guests who would like to explore and enjoy BDSM and Fetish Play in Chicago.

Whether you know exactly what you expect from a session, or you have yet to discover your own hidden fantasies, Chicago Illusions will help you find personal fulfillment through the
unique, intelligent world of BDSM and fetishistic play in a safe, clean, private, and nonjudgmental
environment. Your needs and your fantasies are always taken seriously by Us. Every one of Our Lifestyle Players honors the Individuals.

You will be required to present the tribute for the Dominant’s or submissive’s time prior to your
session. This is discreetly and easily done over the telephone by placing the appropriate tribute
amount on your credit card. We accept all major credit cards, and all charges will be displayed very
discreetly. None of your financial information will be kept or distributed in any way, shape, or
form. Our Lifestyle Individuals are extremely busy, and require the tribute to be present in order
to ensure your appointment.

Once you arrive for your appointment, we will place you in a private room where you will speak
with a Mistress about your fantasy and the details of your BDSM and fetish scene. She will speak with you about
your past experiences with BDSM and fetish play, your goals for that day’s appointment, address your medical conditions,inquire on any prescription drugs you may be taking, gain an understanding of your limitations, and
offer suggestions for your scene. Be honest with Her about your thoughts, feelings, and
experiences as this will ensure you are doing your part in building a great scene. Our BDSM and fetish play is
always consensual, and we always maintain your emotional and physical safety. Safe-words or
safe-signals will be established before play begins. We take the time to understand you better for
a more fulfilling BDSM experience.

Session duration is based on one-hour, multiple hour, one-night, one-full day and night, and one-weekend
increments. Your stay depends upon your interests, your fantasy, and our availability.

Your out-of-scene discussions with the Lifestyle Players of the House do not impede on your session time.

Through Our years of experience, you will find we are most accommodating in scheduling the
appropriate session stay for your needs and desires. Since each scene requires a different amount
or type of equipment, set-up arrangements, intensity level, skill, talent, clean-up, and overall
fantasy fulfillment, your tribute will be dependent upon those factors.

The men and women who conduct sessions at Chicago Illusions all share a genuine interest
and passion for the BDSM and fetish activities. It’s not easy to find a partner, let alone somebody who
accepts and understands your fetish. Our Lifestyle Individuals choose to live out scenes with
you based on mutual interests and compatibility just as much as you choose us. Respect, honor,
and cherish the phenomenal outlet you are allowed here.

Remember that this is our home, and we chose to invite you in.

Important information for new guests:
You do not own any of the submissives here, nor do any of the Dominants own you. You
must earn this through dedication, passion, and commitment.

If you are new to us, please take a moment to read Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

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