Mistress Lexi

The Secret Life of a Dominatrix: The Inside Scoop

The Secret Life of a Dominatrix: The Inside Scoop “BDSM is an abomination! DOMINATRIXES are evil people with evil intent!” Every time I hear the way individuals bash BDSM I just smirk and demeaningly chuckle at them. The fact of the matter is that none of those idiotic statements are even close to the truth. […]

Miss Sofia Freedom

Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom It is an emptiness, a hollow feeling deep inside somewhere that is difficult to describe and seemingly impossible to fill. It gnaws at you from within, a tiny itch that grows every day as you go about your normal daily routine. It is a tiny voice that interrupts you at the office, walking […]

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Chicago Illusions’ Latex Fetish Party Part 1

Chicago Illusions’ Latex Fetish Party Part 1: The Discovery of my latex fetish I have just had the most incredible, intense experience, and all I can do now is go over it in my mind again and again.  Now I must tell you all about it—or I’m afraid the thought of it will never leave […]

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Body Worship 101 Chicago Illusions’ Miss Reyna

Body Worship 101 By Miss Reyna   For Mistresses such as myself, there are very few things that provide as much pleasure as body worship executed properly by an eager, yet disciplined submissive. Allow me to take you into one of my sessions where I will show you what it feels…sounds…and even tastes like to […]

Slave Training: Preparing to test a new submissive

Slave Training: Preparing to test a new submissive at Chicago Illusions A new potential slave is on his way in to be considered for training. As I enter the room to start preparing, I feel an instant rush of excitement. The pleasure I get from testing and exploring a new submissive is indescribable. I take a […]

I love my Chicago Sissies

Some of my favorite play partners are my sissies. I love forcing a sexy man into my silky panties. I get my way, whether it be through teasing them with suggestions of what will come next if they follow my every wish. Or by forcibly taking away a masculine man’s strength by tying them up […]

Mistress Sapphire NYC

Toilet – Blessings From My Body

Chicago BDSM and Toilet Fetish Blessings from My Body You exist for My pleasure. You understand this, because you receive all of your nutrition from Me, My toilet in training. My obedient full toilet, you are blessed by taking such gifts from Me. Everything I produce is a manifestation of My Superiority. you should be […]

The New Chicago Sissy Maid

The New Sissy Maid You may imagine the endless fantasy that occurs in a multi-level dungeon, I can barely realize it myself at times. Sometimes I walk these halls, letting my fingers trace delicately along the walls, my heels softly clicking with precision. I feel the dynamic energy that pulses throughout this haven. I breathe […]

Chicago Cross Dressing Wig

Proper Wig Care – Chicago Cross Dressing Fetish

Wig Care Ah, your crowning glory – but is it really? These tips will help you decide the best wig possible for your lifestyle, and the starting tips to wig wearing. With so much focus on make-up (which we’ll discuss in later Tips of the Month), wigs are often overlooked when in reality, a bad […]

Mistress Chicago BDSM Reyna

Miss Reyna Lifestyle Switch at Chicago Illusions

A Lifestyle Switch Lives BDSM at Chicago Illusions The life of a Chicago Lifestyle Switch can be a tricky one to refine, and I frequently battle to balance my own desires with what I know is expected of me. My Master being in his hometown of Washington D.C. on business, I felt I could relax […]