Miss Sofia

Miss Sofia: Asian Goddess

Before you continue, a warning to the wise: once your weary eyes meet my deep, penetrating gaze, you will never feel the same.

I am a Goddess from the Far East, a truly wondrous sprite exuding all that is sweet, sultry and mystical. I might look innocent and even naive at first glance, with my lithe, petite body and precious face, but do not be fooled. Through my travels and passionate explorations, I have attained great wisdom, including a deep and intimate knowledge of and appreciation for the connections between the body and the mind, the spiritual and the physical, great pleasure, immense pain, and all of the many dualities of nature that make life so very rich and beautiful.

I will make you feel like a king, no matter if you are worshipping at my feet or standing in control. Give yourself to me and I will help you realize the uniqueness of your experience, the depths of your passions and desires. You will understand the great power of the Goddess before you as you lose yourself in my piercing, deep brown eyes and my honey-like voice that denotes just a touch of sin. Feel the freedom of total surrender when you find you want to give all of yourself to me, your Asian Goddess, who is here to guide you through realms of sensual and sadistic exploration. Surrender to my wisdom and the immense power I will have over your entire being. You will want to tell me all of your secrets, because no one has ever made you feel so safe. You will reveal to me your dreams, because you know only I can make them come true. I will see deep within you, find your darkest desires, and pull you into my exotic world of healing sensation.

I present myself to you as a gift – a gift of submission for mutual pleasure, healing, adventure. Show me your strength, your ability to be in control. Prove your desire for me as my Master with a hard spanking on my tight little bottom and a firm grip on my shiny, flowing black hair. Take over me, overwhelm me and engage me with the kind of ecstasy only a capable hand and a brilliant mind can provide.

If the Goddess’s energy is one you cannot contain, not to worry. I am always happy to teach and guide my followers, molding them into servants worthy of the fruits of pleasure and freedom through stern discipline and focus. My approval must be earned, and my standards are high, but once you are able to let go, give yourself, and achieve standards of greatness in my eyes, you will find yourself overwhelmed by the empowering ecstasy of relief I will provide.

Come play with me, weary one. I have been waiting for you all your life. Together, we will turn your fantasies into reality. Loss of control will be your haven of relief. Your soul will forever remember the Goddess who freed you from the shackles of insecurity and routine by which you have been chained.

Are you ready?

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