Lady Genevieve

Lady Genevieve: European Goddess

This is undeniably the most erotic lifestyle I could ever imagine living. I am truly a unique, open-minded being hovering high above, as a Switch in the dark and sensual world of BDSM.   My lifestyle incorporates intense and constant transformation, precisely that of which I expect from any beginner or advanced player who walks into our doors.  At fist glance, you will be entirely mesmerized by my Goddess physique.  Gazing into my blue-green eyes, you will immediately transcend out of your own body. I am breathtakingly desirable in every way possible. My luscious, long and slender legs will make your jaw drop as I dominate every aspect of your being. You will be desperate for the chance to worship me even before we meet.


I am the forbidden fruit that you’ve dreamed of and only through proper training, will you be granted permission to turn your dreams into reality.  The intensities you can experience in mind and body is up to how willingly you submit to me, because my powers must only be received by those who earn it.  I am completely irresistible; the perfect entity for you to learn from.  You see, not everyone can hold the whip.  The ecstasy and wisdom that I bring into my scenes are not gifts or skills, they are the deep, light and force I’ve had inside me since I was born.  I receive the greatest fulfillment from facilitating the exploration of a couple’s desires and passions. There comes a time when the energy between partners can only be reignited by the guidance of a powerfully sensual being.  Using command, fetish and behavioral play there are no more boundaries; possibilities are endless.  The organic moment I embrace in these particular scenes, literally allow every one of us the freedom to leave fear at the door.


As an earthly Goddess in this lifestyle, I am dedicated to the exchange of sensual domination.  I know that sometimes as a high-level executive, stressed out husband and or father, average joe customer service provider-the mundane day, robotic lifestyle or unsatisfied home life, can be extremely exhausting and if we are to be quite frank, boring. You know that the missing ingredient is a sensual lady to help you relax, to dive into role-playing with.  For some, it could easily be that all you really need is attention from someone eager to please.  I’m drawn to the dualities of this lifestyle; the power exchange between Dominant and submissive, the contrast between sensual and corporal. My multifaceted capabilities and desires keep me riding along the spectrum, landing anywhere I choose.


My mastering techniques go beyond what I have already captured here.  Look no further, your destiny awaits you.

Call to book your session with Lady Genevieve: 312-226-2233


My Schedule:

Monday: 9:00am-4:30pm
Thursday: 9:00am-Midnight
Friday: 9:00-Midnight

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday: By Appointment 


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