Lady Simone

Lady Simone: A Voluptuous Caribbean Queen

“Come and see what a true Bacchanal woman can teach you”

Don’t let my laid back upbringing fool you; we Island girls hide our devious side well under our “good girl” façade. It is, after all, only a façade I wear on the outside to lure you into my naughty interior. My perfectly manicured nails and welcoming smile suggest the perfectly composed Lady I have perfected myself to be, belie the true nature of my being. You think those stolen glances at my supple legs and lush figure will go unnoticed, but a true Goddess notices all, and that behavior will be corrected. I will teach you the proper way to worship me and my voluptuous body, as you give yourself over to my complete devotion.

I am a true Lady in all senses of the word. I will bend you to my will and get you to do things you never dreamed with the lightest of touches. But don’t allow yourself to drift into a false sense of security. I am truly gifted in the art of both verbal and physical lashings. You will be reminded at all times who is in charge. Keeping you in line is my ultimate desire.

There are those moments however, when the Bacchanal women in me craves to be tamed. I am always on the look out for the right Dominant Gentleman or Woman who can bring out the submissive in me. Someone who knows how to take control and get me to submit willingly and with great dedication. One with the ability to take me to those new heights; will you be the one to take me into that submissive play space? As a Lady, I have the highest standards, and the Dominant of my desires will have the same.


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My Schedule:

Monday: 9:00am-4:30pm
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