Miss Reyna

Miss Reyna: Domestic Goddess, Passionate Switch

“Pleasure does not exist without pain. Pain and pleasure are the same emotion…” -Marquis de Sade

My passion for BDSM extends from the physical to the intellectual. As a Lifestyle Switch, I have an authentic interest in and endless curiosity for you and your experience of kink. When you’re with me, all else fades away and your fetish is just as important to me during our session as it is to you.

But don’t think for a second that I’m going to baby you. You will earn your rewards, and you will endure consequences for your mistakes. I demand your attention and require a high level of intensity in my sessions. I’ve always been the first in the room to break rules and push boundaries—mine, yours, and society’s. I delight in the taboo. Confess to me your innermost thoughts, your darkest dreams, your freakiest fantasies. It is my pleasure to hear them and a sacred responsibility to hold them close and keep them between us. That trust is where the seeds of fantasy are planted and tended to until they bloom into reality–authentic, intense experiences that you will never forget. I will push you through the surface sensation of pain into the pleasure that comes from letting go and accepting release–release of tension…release of reality…release of pent up energies… When you walk into my session room, it will feel like opening the door after a long day of work and stepping into the warm embrace of home.

You can think of me as the quintessential 1950s housewife: picture-perfect on the outside…with my own, unique, mischievous and deliciously erotic interior. I adore dressing up just so, only to then break down my perfect façade with lots of dirty, kinky play. My domesticity isn’t just a role-play either—I am a true, domestic Goddess. I specialize in domestic servitude training of submissives yearning to become house slaves as well as good old-fashioned domestic discipline for those who need the firm hand and sharp tongue of that girl-next-door or strict wife or teacher figure to keep them in line. From teaching you how to properly launder my lingerie and polish my patent leather boots to how to showing you your true limits with a spanking from my bare hand over my knee or a sharp, wooden spoon, you can be assured you will always learn something in your session with me.

This commitment to learning extends into my Switch play as well. As a submissive to the worthy few Dominants I enjoy playing with, I am eager to learn their preferences and discover how I, Miss Reyna, can uniquely submit to them. Whether it’s in my tolerance of punishment and pain or my usefulness in service, I will always find a way to make myself invaluable to a Dominant. A strong desire to experience new things motivates me in my submissive journey. Among other things, as a submissive I enjoy spankings, bondage, sensory play, verbal humiliation, electrical torture, and being trained in new areas.

My practice of BDSM is based in an ideology of ironclad agreement of mutual trust. Within the stringent structure is where play happens—and this is where my mischievous side comes out. That incredible exchange of power, overwhelming experience of pain that becomes pleasure and pleasure that becomes torture… This elevated evolution of play–of sensory experience–simply cannot and does not exist outside of that foundation of trust; the depth of trust that the BDSM lifestyle is built on and that creates the sole environment that makes that level of play possible.

Worship me. Not because you want to on some base, carnal level, but because I love it, crave it, and will draw it out of you.


-Miss Reyna is now celebrating her one-year anniversary as a full-time sadomasochist with Chicago Illusions.

Call to book your session with Miss Reyna: 312-226-2233

EMAIL ME: MissReyna@ChicagoIllusions.com
My Schedule:

Monday: 9:00am-Midnight
Tuesday: 4:30pm-Midnight
Wednesday: 4:30pm-Midnight
Thursday: By Appointment
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Sunday: 11:00am-7:00pm


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