Mistress Lexi

Mistress Lexi: The Tantalizing Italian Goddess

~ Mistress of Fitness ~

Being a sophisticated Mistress with years of experience is something that exhilarates Me. I have imagination, perception, and understanding to expand your horizons; to develop your fantasies to the limit and beyond, and also to provide a touch of the unexpected.

BDSM is not something I just fell into. I am highly articulate and intelligent and I believe this is My true calling. I am a lifestyle Dominant and love having COMPLETE control over men. I am confident, severe, sensual and uncompromising in My deep belief that I am to be served and obeyed without question. I have unique skills in unleashing your wildest fantasies. I will take control from the moment you enter My domain. You will relinquish all decisions and enter My sanctum where you will be truly liberated. From moans and groans to squeals and shrieks, all your emotions and desires will belong to Me.

One thing you might learn about me is how my aesthetics match my personality almost perfectly. My cat eyes may have been delivered to me upon birth, but My gaze was not. I enjoy a wide variety of erotic practices within the realms of fetish and BDSM. In fact, there are few that I do not. My tantric sessions have a unique twist, I enable you to deeply align with your higher being. You will be bound physically and mentally during our spiritual journey, I will not only challenge you but I will take you to the edge, giving you the opportunity to shift, so you can manifest greater joy in life and to not just daydream about it! Tantra is just one out of many personal favorites. I am very good at reading people and understanding your thoughts to the point where you would think I was reading your mind. It is honestly inspiring to allow you to embrace who you truly are without ANY judgment. I am highly advanced in hair, makeup and fashion, as well as VERY big into fitness! Don’t let my height or gorgeous looks fool you. I am a very powerful Mistress full of personality and acceptance.

I do not have all my kinks listed, so make sure you don’t let it intimidate you if your particular fantasy isn’t listed. I crave to explore and play in the things I enjoy. Aesthetician skills, to tantric skills, to hanging you from an 15 foot high suspension unit; I pretty much do it all. Whether you are new or an experienced player, I welcome you on the wondrous adventures we will share together!

Call to book your session with Mistress Lexi: 312-226-2233

EMAIL ME: MistressLexi@ChicagoIllusions.com

My Schedule:

Tuesday: 9:00am-Midnight
Wednesday: 9:00am-4:30pm
Thursday: 9:00am-4:30pm
Friday: 9:00am-4:30pm
Saturday: By Appointment