Mistress Romena

Mistress Romena: Salacious Lesbian Seductress

I have traveled the world as a scholar of seduction, searching far and wide to unlock the secrets of the flesh.  My pilgrimage of perversion took me to seedy underground clubs in Berlin, shrines dedicated to ancient sexual texts on the island of Santorini, Houses of Domination in Helsinki, Moroccan masquerades, bath houses of the blood soaked south, Thai temples of transcendence, and estates in the French countryside that I cannot utter a word of.

Let me lure you away from the troubles of your day, the burden of making your own choices and put your trust in me. I will be the embodiment of every fantasy you’ve ever had and the things you yearn for after you deny yourself. I will be the one to decide what will be denied and why. Feel the heat flush your face, your pulse race as I whisper in your ear. I’m here to take care of you. Let’s play with your proclivities and get to know your fetishes. You’re safe now. You don’t ever have to hide from your Mistress. I’m here to help you once you surrender yourself to me and I can guarantee you will be rewarded.

Your pitiful moans and gasps of pleasure will be the cracks I need to look deeper into but for now whatever it is you think you know about what you need will be a fine place to start. This is only the beginning for us. These surface level explorations only satisfy your Mistress temporarily. My hunger is insatiable. The reward for your obedience will be searing. Burnt into your mind, replacing the fantasy will be a memory more intense than anything you’re capable of imagining. You will come back to me looking for more, willing to tell me your salacious secrets. Another one of your fantasies will spring to life, transporting you to another time and place. Your body will shudder thinking about it and one more part of who you are will have been plucked out of your perverted little mind to make space for me.

Your feeble attempts at understanding the workings of your own mind merely amuse me. Your Mistress needs more from you. Have I not given you everything you’ve dreamed of and more? Your foolish pride and obstinance prevent you from pleasing your Mistress. You will leave with more of me in you than you came with. More of me than you ever knew you needed. You ache for me to transport you again but everything comes at a price.

Your attitude, behavior and tendency to disobey are unacceptable and need to be corrected. My amusement at your small minded pleasures ceases to be viable currency quickly.  The tempting and teasing starts and doesn’t end. The denial is unbearable and you will beg, knowing that what I’ve offered you so far is only a fragment of the pleasure I possess. You will beg me to help you not even knowing what help you need. Your hesitation will not be tolerated. My disappointment in you followed by my disinterest will ruin you, “ I want to be a good boy’. My smile will say enough.

Your blushing embarrassments are crumbs on the trail to what I need from you. Your shame is your tell and the key to our exchange. Your submission is not something I’ll need to take, it’s something you’ll lay at my feet, a pitiful gift you pray I’ll accept.

What do you even have to offer a Goddess like me? Nothing on your own. Only I see your true potential because it’s clear to me everything that you lack. Only I can make you better than you are. Once you’ve surrendered to me you’ll feel the depthless pleasure that comes with knowing you’re taken care of by a superior being. Your full submission will afford you a trip with me down the filthy twists and turns of the labyrinth of your subconscious and that’s where the true fun begins.

I will permeate everything you have. You will feel my presence on your skin, in your dreams, you’ll see me around every corner when you know it can’t be possible. You will practice the self discipline I need from you at all times or there will be consequences. You will crave my punishment just as much as my reward. Pleasure and pain will be so intertwined that you wont know there is a difference. You won’t know where your wants and needs begin and mine end.

My own form can transform with your fantasies. I am both curves and angles, a prince and a queen, your Artemis and your Apollo inhabiting one human body willing to show you a peek of where the Gods and Goddesses play. Perfect for helping you bend your own gender to my liking.

I use all of these skills to take in new unsuspecting individuals. Corruption is my specialty and you’ll be surprised how quickly you feel every one of your inhibitions melt away from your body.

I love couples looking for cuckolding and husband training. My countless sapphic conquests means I know what a woman needs better than any man ever could. Let him feel the duet of pleasures that comes with the shame of knowing he is evolutionarily flawed and lacking and the arousal that comes from seeing his wife experience the ecstasy she deserves.

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