Mistress Sabine

Mistress Sabine

Latin humilis — “lowly, humble,” literally: “on the ground,” from humus meaning “dirt” or “earth.”

As a true Lifestyle Dominant, I’m extremely passionate about embracing all elements within BDSM and fetish. Understanding the psychology  behind the power dynamic between a Dominant and a submissive is imperative to my approach to BDSM. When I push your mental and physical boundaries, you will be taken to the place you’ve always needed to go. I excel at creating new, innovative experiences for you within your fetishes and fantasies. Even if you are a novice, together we will uncover what kind of play you crave the most.

First and foremost, I’m an artist with a devious mind: I dominate with intuition, empathy, and conviction. Having freedom of expression is crucial to me and sharing that with others is what life is all about.

Humiliation is my passion. I look at you and immediately I see the tiniest trait that speaks to your insecurities and I focus in on that trait and use it to compare you to something hideous. I think about the Seven Deadly Sins, and how that trait aligns with each of those words and how it must effect your life and why you are here in front of me today because of it. You have to deal with that internally, alone on a day-to-day basis and I, as a Mistress, bring it to light. In this way, I cleanse you. We share that experience in that moment, that awful trait you cannot speak of with anyone else. I will verbally humiliate you until physically you are coiled up like a little shrimp. For a masochist, it’s a type of pain that physical stimulation can’t achieve. It’s a deeper level that is reached the way you really need it. You crave to be pulled to the ground—to earth.

Role-play is another activity that always excites me. Stepping out of reality into a fantasy world is such a great pleasure and so much playful  fun. Role-play is something I can incorporate into any type of scene and is especially invigorating when it involves a sharp, corporal sensation (such as a student/teacher scenario in which I’m dealing with a delinquent student who needs the strike of my cane). Having an innate talent regarding corruption, you’ll be surprised at what I get you into as well. Frequently, I use role-play to corrupt you into doing something you never thought you would do. Within a scenario we are playing in, all of a sudden you’ll find yourself doing something that you have always thought was against the rules. Beyond that, you’ll end up wanting to do this thing…something naughty. And finally, embracing something you may have even felt was ethically or morally wrong and go from avoiding and shunning it to absolutely loving it. I will teach you how to enjoy breaking the rules.

Being a Dominatrix allows me to celebrate my love for leather, costumes, latex, nylons, and heels. And you, my little sissy boy, will benefit from this obsession I have with clothes and shoes. As a licensed cosmetologist, I will give you the flawless transformation you’ve always dreamed of. What kind of cross-dresser are you? Regardless, by the end of our session you will be my little bitch. Together we will uncover a side of you that has yet to be revealed. With my array of costumes sized to fit the male body, the possibilities of what I will make you are endless. The first thing that comes to mind, for example, is using you as my sissy maid…after dressing you up in a cute little French maid costume I will make you shine my boots until they are sparkling. Maybe you’ll do a good enough job that you will even earn a reward… And that’s just one example! With my effervescent, unassuming nature, you will feel comfortable in releasing that slut that is begging to come out and be used.

When I have you in bondage you are held captive and powerless, you don’t have a choice! I can have my way with you and impress my wicked ideas of what I find appealing onto you. It doesn’t matter what you think you need—this is about what I think you need. Afterwards, you feel no responsibility for your actions because I made you do it. Whether you need to be broken down, built up, brought to tears, or bound and gagged, I will do it with pleasure and ease.

I take great pride in shamelessly facilitation your most shameful fantasies. Why do I take pride in this? Because these fantasies that you try to sweep under the rug will only detract from your quality of life and poison your subconscious mind. My purpose as a Dominatrix is to provide the antidote to this poison. My powers of rationalization that I use to justify doing wrong will inspire you. You will not only enjoy our sessions together, you will walk away changed and invigorated. I will imprint my ways of rationalizing upon you so that when you leave, nothing you have done under my vicious force will bother or weigh on you. You can just walk away feeling alright about it. You can walk away guilt-free.


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