Lifestyle Players

We Are Lifestyle Players

Every Mistress, Master, switch, and submissive is serious about the Lifestyle and is a genuine

Lifestyle player. We are all talented, creative, unique, and very different individuals. Through

ongoing intense training, we are constantly growing and bringing new levels of fulfillment and

reality to your individual fantasies and desires – with skill, privacy, and safety.

Nowhere else but at Illusions will you find a group of people as dedicated to and sincere

about creating personalized sessions for your deepest needs.

If you are undecided or uncertain of the person who will suit your needs the best, make a

general appointment as we can decide for you. All of us have a deep working knowledge of

each others’ styles and personalities.

We encourage you to peruse every profile in this section to gain a better understanding of Us

as individuals. Feel free to contact one of Us directly to make an appointment. We believe in

building a bond with your Mistress, Master, or submissive – and experiencing a fetishistic

utopia unobtainable elsewhere.

We feel such a deep passion and sincerity about the Lifestyle that we have devoted our

careers to it. We know that you will find the Lifestyle Player of your dreams Here.

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