I love my Chicago Sissies

Some of my favorite play partners are my sissies. I love forcing a sexy man into my silky panties. I get my way, whether it be through teasing them with suggestions of what will come next if they follow my every wish. Or by forcibly taking away a masculine man’s strength by tying them up securely and gaging them, so I can move forward with their transformation. Putting a man through the works makes him appreciate the time that we ladies put in. Chiseling a man’s facial structure into a softer, more desirable feminine look with just contouring is an art. I take great pride in my sissies. They are my canvases, whether they are a sissy slut, a doe eyed damsel in distress or my perfect doll. Every look is not complete without the perfect makeup, wig, clothing, nails and of course, the perfect set of heels. But the best part of all is when I see them catch a glance of themselves after being revamped, and seeing the surprise of the person they’ve become. When infatuation fills their eyes.